What we do

We at Maccheroni Express are on a mission: we want to offer our customers pasta dishes cooked to order on the spot, choosing only the best fresh and seasonal ingredients cooked according to the classic recipes of Italian regional cuisine. This is why in our shop you will never find a freezer – everything we offer is cooked by our chefs on order, right before your eyes.

Our people (by the way, at  Maccheroni Express we employ only REAL chefs with professional training, not “self-proclaimed” chefs) are always available to our customers for suggestions or to fulfill requests with only two exceptions to this rule: we will NEVER use cream in our sauces and we will NEVER cook spaghetti bolognaise!

Finally, we also try to do something  to improve the world we live in, so all our plates, napkins, glasses, cutlery and take-away bags are only made with eco-friendly materials (corn starch-based) for: ALL the waste we produce is 100% recyclable. Help us keep Rome clean!