Who we are


Maccheroni Express came to life at the end of the owner’s long professional career in the food and hospitality industry as a first attempt to launch a true Italian casual-dining restaurant chain where the unique tastes of Italian regional recipes meet the ‘traditional’ approach of the catering industry.

Two worlds seemingly distant from each other, yet … is not it pasta, or more exactly “the maccheroni”, the first truly authentic and truly Mediterranean street food? And is not pasta generally universally identified with Italy at all latitudes and in all countries? So why not make pasta the theme of a new way of eating, modern, fast, nutritious, healthy and light? And why not develop all this in a new concept of fast food where pasta in its simplicity of preparation and variety of many delicious recipes becomes THE street food par excellence, cooked with fresh ingredients of high quality before our eyes to make us go back for a moment to when we were children, lost to look at our mother who skillfully cooked every day a plate of pasta after another, one better than the other? And what about remembering that moment, in the kitchens of our childhood, when the mother brought to the table the pot or the pan filled with hot steaming pasta that was carefully poured into our dishes and … we close our eyes and then reopen them: many years have passed but at this precise moment when a young chef smiling in his white and burgundy jacket offer us a Maccheroni Express steaming plate…. we are back in the kitchen of our childhood!